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Spray Tanning for Men

Men do spray tan, often for the same reasons that women do: to appear thinner, feel more confident, and look younger and healthier. Some use it to even out their skin tone in the winter or look younger (kind of like hiding your grays) on first dates. While men may be more hesitant to try spray tanning, once they do they are just as hooked as everyone else! When it comes to spray tanning a man, there are certainly some questions that come up more than others.


Question: How do I spray tan a man with heavy chest hair?

Answer: If a man has heavy chest hair/leg hair/etc. then the spray tan solution will not reach those areas as easily–this won’t be a problem if he isn’t planning on shaving his legs/chest because you won’t be able to see the less tanned portions of his skin anyways.

How do I spray tan a man with a beard?

Answer: if a man has a beard, mustache, or any other type of facial hair make sure that, if he is going to shave it soon, he shave it off BEFORE his spray tan. If he waits until after his spray tan to shave then he is going to wind up with a reverse five-o’clock shadow and have much lighter skin where the beard had been pre-shave. *This is also important to remember if he is going to shave his legs/chest hair!:

Do men have to do anything different after getting a spray tan?

Answer: Yes: it’s very important for men to remember to moisturize after every shave! Shaving is an exfoliation process and can remove color from a tan, especially when paired with oil-heavy shaving creams. To counteract the effects of shaving, use a great moisturizer after the initial shave and again before bedtime.

How do I get more men to come in for a spray tan?

Answer: Men are more likely to respond to deals and discounts in advertising rather than the emotional benefit. Offering a “couples”, “Anniversary”, or “Valentine’s Day” deal is one popular option, as is “Man-Tan Mondays” where men can get a spray tan for a discount.

What do I do if a man wants to be naked for his spray tan?

Answer: Ultimately this decision of course hinges on what you feel comfortable with. Just remember that it is not anything sexual: it is a beauty enhancing service and you are the professional. If at any point that line is crossed or you become uncomfortable then you have every right to stop the spray tan service and/or refuse any future services. Also keep in mind that most men will be just as nervous about this as you are, so do your best to keep the atmosphere friendly and professional!

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