Why is my Spray Tan Business Always Slow in the Winter?

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Your business is great in the spring and summer. Around November it starts slowing down. December, January? Forget about it.

While a healthy tan undoubtedly looks great in the summer, when the winter rolls around people just don’t want that “fresh off the beach” look because it does not look natural. They don’t want to walk into work and have their coworkers wink and say, “hey, nice fake tan you got there.” Nobody wants that—the purpose of a fake tan is that it looks as natural as a sun tan.

There is a common misconception that there are only one or two types of spray tan solution. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Just as there are products that develop faster, or tan you more deeply, there are also products that are perfect for providing subtle color for the winter months, weddings, and holiday family portraits.

Instead of trying to figure out how much of that “universal solution” to spray, wouldn’t it be easier just to find a solution that is formulated for gentler use? It would certainly take the worry off my mind.

Following that idea, how easily do you tan in the winter?

The quick answer is not easily at all. Nobody can just walk outside and tan in the winter, and many people believe that any tan they get in the winter would look unnatural. I am happy to tell you that this is absolutely untrue.

A spray tan can achieve any color that you could naturally get from sun tanning.


This means that a spray tan can get you as dark as your darkest summer tan, but it can also give you just a hint of color in the winter. You don’t have to always look like you just came in from the beach; in fact, there are many people who get tans and nobody is the wiser.


How is this possible?

By knowing what you want from your solution.

Look for a solution that is client-specific, not general-purpose. I only shop “One size fits all” when I’m buying sweatpants, or some other cheap thing that isn’t really worth my time. A spray tan should never fall into this category—a spray tan should be refined for the individual like a tailored suit or a carefully fitted dress. If your clients knew they had a choice between suffering with their winter pale and enjoying a hint of color that would help make their skin even and blemish-free, which do you think they would choose? Pretty loaded question right? Then whyare you losing business in the winter??

How can I sell a winter spray tan to my clients?

Really, it shouldn’t be all that hard. Your clients are already coming to you because they love your product, and love how they look after being spray tanned.

Explain that a more subtle tan can take out any irregularities in their skin while keeping a natural look—this is great because in the winter our skin really takes a beating and a little help goes a long way!


Remind them to think about the holidays—and what about family portraits and gatherings? How many times has old Aunt Bethany said that you need more sun, or need to lose some weight? A spray tan can help you look healthier and more toned.

Offer your clients discounts for sharing the gift of a spray tan with their friends (for a secret Santa present or just as a holiday gift). This could be great because they feel like they are getting a gift too while drumming up new business for you!

Don’t Forget New Years! Everyone wants to look their best heading into the new year. Suggest a pamper party to gear up for a fun night. Nails, massages, spray tan, some drinks—anything you (and/or maybe a coworker) can do to make their evening unforgettable.

These are just a few of the holiday ideas that could turn your slowest time of the year into some of your busiest. Don’t forget that during the winter, any excuse to do something fun will be more than appreciated by your clients!
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