Nine Tips to Increase Client Visitation

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Nine Tips to Increase Client Visitation Frequency

    1. The First thing you want to do is identify if there is anything about your business that is keeping your clients from returning more often. Is your business attitude great, but the receptionist’s attitude less than stellar? Do you offer mobile services, but only at night or only on certain days of the week (like Fridays/weekends)? If you answered “yes” to either of these then it might be a good idea to re-train your receptionist on how to answer the phone and how to greet customers. A good way to help train out bad behavior is to brainstorm with your employee so that they are a part of the decision making rather than just being told what to do–they are more likely to follow through if they understand why they want to be more friendly rather than just “do it or you’re in trouble”. If you only work on Fridays or Weekends (or vice versa: if you never work on Fridays and Weekends) then you might want to think about switching up your schedule. A big reason your clients might not be booking as often is because they are busy when you are free.


    1. Make them feel like they are a part of something: Remembering things like Birthdays, Anniversaries, New Baby Due Dates, Engagements and Wedding Dates all goes a long way towards your client feeling like you really care about who they are, not just how they pay. This, in turn, will make them more often to think about you and your business, which is always a good thing!  


    1. Schedule a next visit: Set a Follow Up Appointment Before the Client Leaves Their Current One, then send reminders when the appointment is coming up. Maintaining this contact is crucial, and when follow up appointments are made, client frequency goes through the roof!


    1. Speaking of Following Up: Follow up with your client after the appointment to see how everything went, how do they love their tan, do they have any questions on how to use the skincare, etc. This is great for two reasons: you have an excuse to keep them thinking about your business, and you can identify any problems/issues they had that they might not have otherwise mentioned–this gives you the opportunity to fix any negativity that might prevent them from coming back in the future.  


    1. Don’t be daunted by software. Create Mass Email Lists for any Deals/Discounts you have coming up, using a free mass email software program like Mail Chimp. Most work perfectly with spreadsheet software so they are easy to import your client list, and they all have incredibly helpful walkthroughs so that you never feel alone. Just a few clicks, add a picture, and press send: now you’re in front of all of your clients, reminding them of your fantastic services and why they want to come in today!


    1. Offer special time-sensitive deals, such as a 4th tan free if you get 3 tans in 2 months. This deal in particular is nice because it only requires a spray tan every other week–it’s not forceful or pushy, but it’s a great way to entice infrequent clients to come in more often: they love their tans, and they’ll love knowing they can come in for a free one if they come more often: It’s the perfect excuse for them to get a spray tan! This works great for your once a month clients as all they have to do is come in one more time to get that free tan–they won’t be able to resist the temptation!


    1. Be the host of a fun event, like a wine tasting, a pampering party, or a paint night–anything that gives someone a reason to come in to your salon or spa is a good thing. Maybe they weren’t really thinking about how they wanted to get a spray tan, but they love going to wine tastings, and they might as well get a spray tan while they are there. Hosting events is all about giving them an excuse to come in.


    1. Maintain active social media feeds: Simply put, nothing kills interest more than thinking the business is closed because they don’t post anymore!


  1. Sell Skincare: studies show that clients who purchase skincare/additional products after a service are 60% more likely to return for another service!


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