Part One: Important Tips for Starting Your Spray Tanning Business

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Important Tips For Starting Your Spray Tan Business: Part Two

Can we be honest? You’re not interested in the spray tanning business solely because you feel a burning desire to color someone’s skin; you’re in it to expand your business and make more money. Question is, how much money?

Most people are able to spray about four clients each hour. This means that on average you can rake in well over 100 dollars per hour.

That translates into 1,000 dollars in a ten hour work day.  

That’s nothing to complain about, but are you realistically going to be spray tanning forty clients every day? Maybe, maybe not. While there are some who only spray a few clients a day, it would be safe to assume that your business will fall somewhere in the middle of this spectrum (around 20 spray tans), which is also great. At the end of the day the only person who needs to be satisfied with your numbers is yourself (And let’s face it: you won’t have much to complain about even if you are “only” making $500 a day on spray tans).

So let’s find out which business would work best for you:

What are the different types of businesses?

Without splitting hairs too finely, there are two main types:

1.       Static—this means that you would rent a storefront, or work from your existing salon or spa, and would advertise so that your clients come to you.

2.       Mobile—with a mobile business you are free to travel from one location to another, attending large parties or servicing single clients in the comfort of their own home.

Obviously, both of these business models have their own unique set of benefits.

Working from one location

A static business gives peace of mind to the client: there is an air of professionalism that comes along with owning an established storefront—simply put, people trust what they can see. Because you are working from an established business, your clients will (hopefully!) already trust your opinion with all their other skincare needs, and will be more responsive to a new service.

If you don’t already have your business in place, there are a few things to consider before choosing a location.

Going mobile

Being mobile ensures that you will be free to attend large parties where groups of ten or more clients will be getting sprayed at once, creating a fun activity for them and being fast, easy, and cost-effective for you. Attend flea markets, visit beauty salons, sneak (legally) into graduations—there is no end to where you can promote your business and make instant sales, just remember to have all the right equipment with you while you’re doing this!

A few things to think about when going mobile:

-Make payments easy—look into Iphone Credit Card readers like The Square.

-Consider how far you are willing to travel, and for how much: driving across the state for a single client is only a good idea if you live in Rhode Island.

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