Part Three: Easy-Fix Solutions To Spray Gun Problems, Other Issues

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Other issues

None of the above seem to be the issue? Below are some more tips that may help you solve that problem.

If your gun seems to be sputtering or spitting like my grandfather used to whenever he forgot to put in his dentures: This is most often caused by a clog in the nozzle (see image above: item 3).

Think of it this way: when you’re watering your garden, have you ever put your thumb over the hose to spray farther? Have you noticed that some water squirts around your thumb and maybe gets you wet as well? That’s essentially what is happening to the nozzle. Something as small as a hair can potentially cause a clog and send the solution spraying in a different direction.

This can affect your tanning by allowing the bronzer (a thinner liquid) to “shoot” out of the spray gun while the DHA (a thicker liquid) is more easily clogged. What this means is that your clients will appear to have a tan, but then it will wash off (because it is only the bronzer that they actually got sprayed with). Obviously, this is a problem you want fixed as soon as possible!

To fix: Fixing this problem is easy. Simply disassemble the gun and run water through the nozzle piece. Lift the nozzle up to a light and look through the tiny hole. If you can see anything in there then it needs to be rinsed out more.

If your gun is shooting solution off to one side what is probably happening is one of two things:

1. The hole at the tip of your gun has been gunked up, in which case please refer to: Cleaning your spray gun


2. The needle may be damaged in some way.

If you have a steel needle and have not been using your spray gun as a hammer then there should be no way that it has become pitted or gouged; however, if you have a plastic needle then you may have some problems.

Plastic needles can become gouged, scratched, bent, chipped, scraped, or even broken off. Given that the solution is being sprayed out from such a small hole, even a small change in the needle can drastically affect the difference in how the spray gun is operating.

Unfortunately, if your needle has been damaged in some way there is only one cure: Replacement.

If it seems like it may just be coated or need to be cleaned: rinse it under hot water—do not scrub it as this may damage a needle if it’s plastic.

If the solution isn’t spraying at all, you may want to first ensure that the gun is clean and the nozzle hole is not blocked by anything. Secondly, check to make sure the dip tube is free from blockage and, third, that the air hose is properly connected to both the spray gun and the air compressor.


Hopefully, your problems have been solved. If, for whatever reason, your spray gun still does not seem to be fixed after reading these three articles–or you are confused about any part–please call Aviva Labs and we will help you sort it out.

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