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Part Two of: Where Can I Find Healthy Spray Tan Solution?

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Not sure what you should be looking for in an healthy spray tan solution? Below is a checklist to help you out:

√   Hypoallergenic—Over half of all Americans have allergies. It’s your choice: risk an allergic reaction or avoid worrying altogether. I don’t know about you, but I sure know what I would prefer if I had a choice between suffering an allergic reaction and getting a spray tan that was healthy and natural.


√   Vegan—This is more for peace of mind of your client: they want to feel good about their product. There is no reason whatsoever for animal products to be used in a spray tan, and besides: animal testing is just mean (although I imagine an English bulldog would look adorable with a tan).

Complete this checklist and you may have found a product that is tested to be safe, and remember: by keeping a product simple (as in: it does not include unnecessary oils, fragrances, and alcohols), you are also choosing a solution that is healthy, natural, and safe!

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