T100X Mini Mist

Perfect for the mobile business owner, the Mini Mist ensures flawless results from beginning to end even if you have a spray tan party of 25, 50, or even 100 clients! Great for on-the-go use because of its small size and competitively priced for anyone who is introducing spray tanning as a side job or as an addition to an existing service menu. And did we mention that this American made machine has a 5,000 hour operating life?

Weight: 8 pounds

Color: Black

Noise Level: 70 Decibels

Type: HVLP

Warranties: 18 month warranty.

Manufacturer: Apollo Sprayers, Inc.

Additional features: Made with medical grade stainless steel. Quick connect couplings for ease of use. 10’ flexible hose. T6000 Spray Tan precision control applicator. Washable filter to prolong machine life.

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I’m planning on mostly spray tanning groups of people, is the Mini Mist right for me?

The T100X Mini Mist is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of continuous use. It is the machine that we rely on in our sunless 101 spray tan training programs when we are teaching the hands-on portion of the class and spraying for hours on end. The Mini Mist is great for bridal parties, can handle a huge team of fitness competitors, and will help make any “Girls night in” a time to remember!

Since you will be traveling for your business, you will want a lightweight machine. Look no farther than the Mini Mist. Weighing in at less than a gallon of milk, and smaller than a vacuum machine, the Mini Mist can fit into any trunk space or can fit nicely between the seats, and don’t worry about dodging those speed bumps: The T100X is travel durable!

I’m hoping to transition into a salon or store location in the future, should I choose the Mini Mist?

That depends entirely on the salon or store location. The Mini Mist machine is quieter than a hair dryer so if you are joining forces with a hair salon then the Mini Mist won’t make much of an impact in terms of noise level, but it might be a bit too loud if you are going to be sharing your space with a masseuse. If you do need a quieter machine for your future transition then we recommend the Mobile Mist.

Another variable to consider is the atmosphere you are hoping to create within your store location. If you are going to create an exciting, music-thumping, hustling and bustling business with a bit of a modern urban flair then the Mini Mist will fit right in and it’s decibel level won’t affect a thing. If you are pursuing a quieter, more relaxed space where your clients can come to de-stress then we recommend either the Mobile Mist or designing your space with a cubby or “spray tan booth” aspect, where the sound is mitigated by walls and other barriers so as not to disrupt the atmosphere.

Additional information

Weight 13.23 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in