Abby Reid

Abby: Thank you so much for considering me for an Aviva Spotlight! My business, The Sun Tan Van is entirely MOBILE. We come to you, wherever that may be! Tans can be done in our Mercedes Sprinter van or in-home with a tent. It’s really the utmost convenience in spray tanning. The Sun Tan Van has been open since September 2015. It has truly been an amazing first year!
Aviva: We are in love with this concept—it’s so cool! It sounds like you love what you do. Tell us, why did you choose to start a spray tanning business?
Abby: As someone who has always loved to be tan, but burns in the sun, this is the safest alternative. There are no UV rays, the process takes 10 mins, and you can choose from a range of shades – perfect for seasonal tanners. I wanted to spread my love for spray tanning and skin health and this was the best way. I also love being able to connect with my clients. Before starting The Sun Tan Van, I was a salon coordinator on Newbury Street and I really admired the client-service provider relationship.
Aviva: Spray Tanning is certainly about building great relationships! What would you say is your absolute favorite part of being a spray tan business owner?
Abby: Making my clients happy and confident, and of course making my own schedule!
Aviva: That’s a popular one: being your own boss is a huge plus for starting a spray tan business! So when you were looking to start your business, why did you choose Aviva?
Abby: Before starting The Sun Tan Van, the salon I was going to for tans used Aviva. I knew I loved the color. After doing research on the product, I knew this HAD to be what The Sun Tan Van used. It’s seriously amazing! I am also an organic fanatic in my personal life so it really just made sense to use Aviva. My clients love it too!
Aviva: And since then, how has Aviva helped your business grow?
Abby: By having amazing products! In spray tanning there are 3 major factors that separate you from all the other locations people can go for spray tans.

  1. The product
  2. The actual skill in which the tan is applied
  3. The technician (personality/making clients comfortable)

All three need to be of the highest quality or your clients will go somewhere else. Aviva has top of the line products and offers an educational portion which was very important to me.
Aviva: Yes, we pride ourselves in teaching our students how to be the best spray tan artists possible. We’re glad it helped! Thank you so much Abby, and last but not least: If you could give one piece of advice to someone starting their business, what would it be?
Abby: Obviously use Aviva products! Make sure you test out everything you offer to clients, and good luck!
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