Understanding The Aviva Product Line

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Original: As the name suggests, Original was our first solution, and remains, to this day, one of our most popular solution lines. Original contains a red undertone and is designed to perfectly mimic the tan achieved by fair-skinned clients who have natural red or pink undertones. If your client fits into this category and is asking for the most natural-looking tan for their skin type then Original is definitely the way to go. But it’s not just for your fair skinned clients. Many with yellow, olive, and darker skin tones enjoy how Original evens out and strengthens their tan while also providing them with a smoother look than what they would normally be able to attain.

Original requires 12 hours to set, and comes in 8, 10, 12, and 14 percent, and, because of its red undertone, is often described as producing a sun-kissed, or “just off the beach”, color. If your client requests a bolder, deeper tan, you might want to consider a Gimme Brown solution.

Gimme Brown: Gimme brown is formulated with a chocolate undertone that many describe as luxuriant. It is a much richer, bolder tan than Original, and is the go-to for many who want to achieve a darker-looking, more developed tan. In higher percentages it looks similar to the way that those with olive skin-tones first tan. In lower percentages it mirrors the look that some fairer skin-tones can achieve on top of their reddish base tan.

Like Original, Gimme Brown requires 12 hours to set, and also comes in 8, 10, 12, and 14 percent. There’s also a great option for clients who want a more subtle tan: for them, there’s Winterglow.

Winterglow: Winterglow is formulated to give—you guessed it–a gentle glow by using subtle hints of color that help skin appear healthier and younger. It is a favorite among brides, and anyone who wants to look and feel better without having an immediately noticeable tan.

Winterglow requires 12 hours to set and only comes in one percentage, six percent, and has a beautiful golden undertone: the key to achieving that youthful appearance. Some clients will want to be able to wash off their tan faster than 12 hours though, and for them, there is our Express solution, and our even faster setting City Tan Line!

Express: The very first rapid tan we ever made. Express still maintains a huge following by producing a fantastic and flawless brown-based tan that everyone loves. Express is a great solution to use for customers who aren’t yet sold on the idea of a rapid tan. It will develop in a shorter amount of time, but still produces a color similar to Gimme Brown–so they’ll get to experience what a rapid tan is like while also enjoying the color they already know and love!

Does Express rapid tan set in the same time as the City Tans?

No, they set in different timeframes. Express was our stepping stone from traditional tanning and into the world of rapid tanning. Because of this, it does have a shorter development time compared to the City Tans. The development time of our Express tan is equivalent to the fastest developing tans of most of our competitors, so if you are happy with how fast your current rapid tan sets then you will also be happy with Express!

Because the set times are different, it’s always important to remind your clients not to wash off in 30 minutes like they can with a City Tan! With Express, a fair-skinned client should be able to achieve a light tan in about an hour, a medium tan in two hours, and a significant tan in three or more hours.

Why would I choose Express over a City Tan?

Life is all about preferences. Some people want to make a lot of money, others look forward to having a family, a select (crazy) few like to juggle chainsaws. With all the freedom we have in our lives, we didn’t want to confine you by offering just one line of rapid tan products. The City Tans all produce amazing colors, but we also realize that some of your clients are going to want something else. Maybe they know they won’t be able to get home in half an hour, or maybe they love the idea of a rapid tan, but just haven’t fallen in love with any of the City Tan colors. That’s where Express comes in.

Express is popular for so many reasons, but one of the truly deciding factor is the color that it creates. We designed Express to be very similar to our most popular traditional tan: Gimme Brown. If your clients love Gimme Brown, but aren’t too sure about the colors that the City Tans produce–introduce them to Express: it will let them wash off faster, and they’ll get a color they know and love!

Honolulu Rapid Tan: Honolulu is our most popular City Tan to date, and also our darkest solution. Honolulu produces a rich chocolate tan that’s versatile enough to use on any client who walks through your door.

“Dive into decadence with 30 Minutes to Honolulu. Treat yourself to the pleasant, fresh feel of an Aviva Labs spray tan and see your confidence rejuvenated by the dark, sumptuous chocolate tones of this tropically-inspired fan favorite. Leave it on longer for bold and daring, or shower quicker for light and flirtatious. No matter which way your desire lies you will always look and feel divine.”

Miami Rapid Tan: An energized hazel-brown mixed with influences of coral, Miami is formulated for darker clients looking to excite their skin tone and fairer clients seeking to replicate a natural-looking tan.

“The distinctive flair and invigorating energy of Miami Beach is where this tan gets the inspiration for its signature color. You’ll look like you spent the day dancing in the waves when you try on City Tan Miami, and you’ll love the light, silky feel of your Aviva Labs solution. A flirtatious cinnamon-brown tan infused with a whisper of ruby red, Miami is designed to accentuate your natural beauty whether you are a glittering jewel or a hidden gem.”

Hollywood Rapid Tan: A more gentle color than the other City Tans. Delivering golden-brown hues that are both soft and sophisticated, Hollywood is a favorite for first-timers and spray tan veterans alike.

“Heighten your spray tan experience by lavishing yourself in gold and honey brown hues. You’ll be the envy of everyone when they see the delicate, interwoven colors of our celebrity-inspired solution complementing your skin’s natural beauty. Notice the silken caress of an Aviva tan, witness the flawless results, and know in your heart that this is what spray tanning was meant to be.”

Vegas Rapid Tan: Perhaps our most unique blend, Vegas is an earthy brown tan infused with shades of plum. It’s a perfect complement to medium skin tones, and is loved for its distinct personality.

“As enchanting as the city that inspired it, City Tan Vegas builds upon a deep, hickory brown with a potion made from the subtle pairing of darker plum undertones and lighter violet highlights. When the solution feels as smooth as cashmere on your skin, you’ll know it’s Aviva, but when you witness the spell cast upon anyone who looks at you, you’ll swear it’s magic.”

In addition to our 12 hour and rapid tan lines, we also carry bronzer-only formulas. Bronzer formulas are mostly used for training purposes and competition tans. The competition industry is huge so if you aren’t yet spray tanning competitors you should look into it!

Tango Tan: Tango Tan is formulated with everyone in mind. With multiple applications it looks similar to the way that those with olive skin-tones first tan. When put on lighter it mirrors the look that fairer skin-tones develop on top of their reddish base tan. Tango Tan has been designed to create a temporary tan that washes off in the shower, but it shouldn’t rub off on your clothes or furniture once it has dried, which only takes seconds! Because it is oil-free, if you do get caught in a rain storm and the bronzer gets onto your clothes–don’t worry: the solution won’t stain your clothes. It will wash off in a normal wash cycle. With Tango Tan, you can compete in dance and bikini competitions free of the fear that the tan will streak or get messed up. Tango Tan has been tested under every lighting condition, whether natural or artificial, and is formulated to look natural no matter where your competition is held.

Atlas Competition Bronzer: Atlas is a formidably dark bronzer. It is designed specifically for bodybuilding and fitness competitions. It is not designed to create a realistic, natural tan, but to define and sculpt muscle tone. Creates a bold tan whose darkness saturation level depends on the number of applications. With Atlas your muscles will seem larger, your tone will appear more contoured, and your competition will look on in envy as you score higher with the judges.

I have a competition, should I use Tango Tan or Atlas Tan?

The answer to this depends entirely on the nature of the competition. Bikini competitions, beauty pageants, and dance events all usually gravitate towards Tango Tan because they are looking for a natural-looking tan. For these individuals, Tango Tan will produce a color similar to our Gimme Brown line and is sure to be a hit with competitors and judges alike!

Atlas Competition Bronzer is a much darker color designed exclusively for fitness and bodybuilding competitions. As the industry demands, Atlas will not produce as natural-looking a tan as Tango Tan does, but instead focuses on highlighting and bringing definition to a competitor’s muscle tone. Most dancers, pageant contestants, and bikini competitors will find that Atlas Competition Bronzer is too dark for what they are looking for.


Aviva Skincare

There are three factors that can disrupt a tan while it is still setting. As a reminder, these factors are anything that will wash off, rub away, or leech out the DHA before it has a chance to develop. To determine if a skincare product is “spray tan safe”, we test it in our lab and in field studies to determine if it disrupts a spray tan in any way. Many commercial products you would find in stores are not considered “spray tan safe”, and are often made with ingredients that significantly decrease a spray tan’s life span. While it’s possible that a commercial product will not affect a tan, the only sure way to know is to use products that are proven effective and approved as being safe for spray tanning. So let’s talk about the products that we offer, what their benefits are, and why you should offer them to your clients–and yes, they are all “spray tan safe”!

Deep Clean, Pecan Shell Exfoliant: First, let’s start with our exfoliant, called Deep Clean, since that’s the first product your client would need to use. Remember: it’s very important that your client exfoliates before their spray tan so that they are having the solution applied to the freshest skin possible–this will extend the life of their tan by up to three days, so it’s a crucial part of the spray tanning process!

Our exfoliant cream, Deep Clean, is made with finely-ground pecan shells and is designed to provide a gentle exfoliation. It is oil-free, so it won’t leave any residue on the skin that could cause a barrier between you and your tan, and it’s blended with a rejuvenating mix of vitamins to help boost your skin’s overall health. It works amazingly by itself or when combined with exfoliation mitts to produce an even deeper, more significant cleanse.

Shower Glow Body Wash: Showering can be stressful when you’re trying to protect your tan. There are so many soaps, shampoos, and body washes available that it’s virtually impossible for the spray tan community to test them all to see which disrupt a tan and which don’t. And that is the exact reason why we created Shower Glow.

Shower Glow was the world’s first DHA-infused, spray tan safe, body wash. Rather than go through the hassle of having your client spot test their body wash to see if it will disrupt their tan, we decided it would be easier to cut out all the guess-work. Shower Glow is a lemon-verbena-scented body wash that has been tested for spray tanning and proven to be safe, but perhaps more important is the fact that it is infused with DHA.

By infusing our body wash with DHA, your clients will actually get an additional boost of color each time they use it–which means their tan stays more vibrant even longer! Shower Glow is also the only body wash that you can use on that first initial rinse, so now your clients won’t have to wait forever to take a proper shower either! I don’t think I have to explain why that is a huge selling point for Shower Glow!

Velvet Soft Moisturizing Cream: Just like the problem with body washes and shampoos, there are so many different moisturizers that there is simply no way to know what works and what doesn’t with spray tanning. Velvet Soft is one of the spray tan safe moisturizers that we offer and it continues to surprise and delight crowds all around the world with how light it feels when applying, yet how supple and soft it makes your skin feel. Velvet soft is enriched with vitamins and blended with skin softening coconut oil, and is designed to hydrate your skin, making it perfect for attaining the longest spray tan results possible.

Skin Glow Light Tan Extender: Skin Glow takes the idea of a moisturizer one step further with the infusion of DHA. A ground-breaking, award-winning tan-extender, Skin Glow not only encourages skin health, but also can boost a tan’s life by up to three days while also helping a tan fade more evenly. Skin Glow is great for trouble spots like elbows, and can help ensure your face is fading at the same rate as the rest of your tan. It’s no surprise why Skin Glow is easily our most popular, fastest-selling retail product.

While they are both moisturizers, Velvet Soft and Skin Glow have their own, unique benefits. Velvet Soft provides a fantastic moisturizer that is designed to work perfectly for spray tanning and Skin Glow moisturizes and can enhance a fading tan. The most popular decision is to get both: a lot of our clients choose to use Velvet Soft on a regular, daily basis, and use Skin Glow to boost those parts of their tan that fade faster (like the face and elbows).

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