Avoid the Summer Slump

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Don’t get hit by the “Summer Slump”. Learn what to say to keep customers coming through your door all summer long!

Many times our clients will talk with us about what we’ve come to call the “Summer Slump”: where your clients are outside achieving natural tans from the sun and your business slows down because they don’t feel a spray tan is necessary. Below are some of the most common questions our spas, salons, and mobile users are asked, and what they’ve said to help keep their appointments filled:

Question: Why should I get a tan in the summer? I can just get one by going outside, can’t I?

Answer: “You can get a tan from going out in the sun. Unfortunately the sun also ages your skin, can cause new wrinkles or deepen existing ones, and of course we all know that too much sun can lead to skin disease and even cancer. With a spray tan, you get the color without the negative effects!”

Answer two: “If you have the time, yes you can. For many, it takes about two hours in the sun to get a noticeable tan. For others it can take up to six. A lot of people will burn if they are out in the sun too long though. That’s a lot of guesswork if you ask me. Instead: wouldn’t it be nice if, with just a 15-minute spray tan treatment, with no guesswork, you could get the tan you actually wanted to achieve?”

Question: I already have a tan. Why would I want to get a spray tan?

Answer: “There are many reasons to get a spray tan even though you already have a tan. For starters, did you get an even tan or did you forget to turn over? How about what you were wearing when you got the tan? A spray tan can help cover up bad tan lines.

Answer two: “A great reason is because you can get a tan that you could never naturally achieve. Some people get very red (or just burn) while others find their tan looking too green or too yellow. With a spray tan, you can get any undertone and bronzed look you want!”

Question: I’m about to go on a cruise/to a resort/to a beach vacation/etc., and I know I’m going to get tan there–why would I want one beforehand?

Answer: “Call me vain, but I would much rather go on a cruise with a beautiful even tan than show up white as snow.”

Answer two: “A lot of people get base tans before going on vacation for two reasons. First, a spray tan darkens your skin just like how a sun tan would so any color you get on top of that will only be even nicer. Second, it prevents you from trying to “play catch-up” by sunbathing too long and ending up getting a sunburn instead!”

Question: I’m getting married/attending a summer wedding. Wouldn’t a natural tan look better?

Answer: “A spray tan can look exactly like your natural tan, or even better! What’s more: you don’t have to worry about bad tan lines–we can control exactly what your end result looks like!”

Question: I would get a spray tan, but I’m worried I’ll just sweat it off. Is there something I can do?

Answer: “Yes, there is! A rapid tan is a type of solution that you only need to leave on for anywhere between 30 minutes and about three hours, depending on how dark you want your results. Once you rinse off the bronzers you can sweat, go swimming, work out, or really do anything you want. It’s much more convenient than having to wait 8-10 hours like some other spray tan solutions.”


If you have a “Summer Slump” question you’d like to ask Aviva, please feel free to email us at Info@avivalabs.com!

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