Mini-Mist – Turbine Only (no hose or spray gun)

The Mobile Mist is the perfect combination of mobility and professionalism. Built into a compact, durable luggage case, and designed with a detachable storage trunk, the Mobile Mist was ranked the highest by both our mobile customers and our salon professionals! Engineered with a salon-quiet, high efficiency motor that outperforms all other machines of its class, it also features a built in cooling fan and turbine speed control system to allow for customization and a personal touch to each tan.

Weight: 27 pounds

Color: Silver

Noise Level: 62 Decibels

Type: HVLP

Warranties: 24 Months

Manufacturer: Apollo Sprayers, Inc.

Additional features: Quick connect couplings for ease of use. 10’ flexible hose. T6000 Spray Tan precision control applicator. Built in cooling fan. Turbine speed control. Telescoping handle. Detachable storage trunk. Durable luggage-style wheels. Washable filter to prolong machine life.,  Zero Downtime™ Loaner Program.

Tips from the Team: “Even though a Mobile Mist is a bigger investment than a T100X Mini Mist, it’s also a much bigger pay off. Instead of lugging around a machine, hose, gun, solutions, skincare, and a tent or backdrop, now you can simply carry in the Mobile Mist and your tent or backdrop. Not only does this make you look more professional and creates a more pleasant experience for your customer, it also is a lot less stress on you!” -Brian Petersen, National Business Director.


T100X Mini-Mist X “Extreme”: 24-Month Warranty*

Aviva offers the modified T100X Mini-Mist X, a custom “Extreme” version that we back up with the world’s longest warranty! The world’s most durable spray machine comes with an amazing 24-Month Warranty* if you purchase as part of an Aviva starter package, including free shipping both ways!

* The Aviva 24-Month Mini-Mist X warranty applies only to customers who purchase an Aviva “starter package”, which consists of one of our sets of equipment, training, and sunless solutions. If purchased separately of a starter package, the machine comes with the standard 12-Month manufacturer’s warranty and customer must pay shipping costs both ways. The warranty does NOT include damage from dropping, use of incorrect voltage, modifications, neglect, water exposure, or equipment that has been disassembled. A $290 refundable deposit will be charged to ship the replacement unit while we are waiting for you to return the faulty one.

Additional information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 12 in